Wednesday, July 20, 2011

It seems that you're going to stay, so let's get a few things out of the way...

...rhyme not planned.
Som since you're apparently still reading my sh*tty blog (don't ask me how do I know that, psychic powers and stuff), I'l say what things do I like. Why?
Because I f***ing can.
So, I'm a dedicated fan of Bionicle franchise (who would have guessed it). I have quite a lot of Bionicle sets (most of them are assembled and await better times deep inside my cabinet), including all of the Toa Mata, Turaga, Bohrok and Bohrok-Va sets. I have single sets from other waves as well, including Takanuva & Ussanui and Makuta sets.
I'm also a fan of the Transformers franchise. I have quite a lot of figures- unfortunately, since their price almost doubled since the time I started to buy them (in Poland at least), I can no longer afford them. It was hard to find interesting figures anyway- Poland isn't exactly the best country if you want to collect anything.
Okay, what's next on the list... Oh yes. Right.
My Little Pony.
Most of the people who dislike the most recent instalment of My Little Pony franchise either didn't watched any of the new episodes or only saw the pilot- which is really, really cheesy and is more like Sailor Moon with ponies (I wish I knew who described it like that so I could give him credits). It's like throwing away a box of the finest chocolate because you didn't liked the first one you ate.
Let's explain why is this show good:
-The animation is amazing.
-The music is amazing as well. Have a sample. [WARNING: MAY CAUSE UNCONTROLLABLE HUMMING]
-The characters are deep and beliveable.
-Despite the setting, it's not written like a show for retarded 3 year old girls.
-It was directed by Lauren Faust. You know, the person who created PowerPuff Girls and Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends.
Still have no idea why would any grown up man like a cartoon about magical talking horses? Watch first four episodes. You will see why. Propably.
Of course you might not like it. I'm okay with that, as long as you're not the kind of person who hates the show without even seeing it.
I propably just made a lot of people leave this blog and never return. Can't say I'm going to miss them.
Let's see what are the other things I like...
Halo. Of course.
I played most of the games, including Halo Wars. Sadly, the only one of them I didn't played is Halo: CE- the first one. Fortunatelly for me, Micro$oft is making Halo: Anniversary, so I might be able to play it after all. Yay me.
I can't say I'm a fanboy- sure, I preordered Legendary Edition of Halo Reach and paid around $200 just ot have it less than week after it was released...
Okay, I am a fanboy.
Well, I'm also playing video games. Who would have guessed it.
From the less obvious things that I'm interested in, there's programming. I'm trying to write a game. So far, I managed to waste over 45 hours on staring on the empty program template trying to figure out how to do it. I know some coding languages, but I never managed to actually write any program. Whathever.
So here are the things that I'm interested in, dear people who didn't closed this page immediatelly after I mentioned that I like My Little Pony. Feel free to ask me about anything- although I have no idea why would any of you want to ask me about anything... Well, feel free to do so if you want.
Sleep time!

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  1. (I'm making the first comment on your blog and nobody can stop me!)

    Yo! I've seen you on KYM. I was lurkin' there so you probably don't know me. Regardless, it was cool to see a familiar face on Equestria Daily.

    Stay Awesome! Hopefully, we will cross paths again in this tumultuous sea of information we call the Internet.

    (Also, Winter Wrap Up has played at least a 2 dozen times now. I don't know weather to love or tolerate the shit out of you for trapping me in an endless loop of winter amazing-ness.)